First completed shot!

Today I have incredible news… I want to share with the world the very first completed shot of Servicios Públicos.

My dear friend Johan Alfort is a kickass Swedish compositor responsible for this fine tidbit of pure awesomeness. He really poured his heart and soul into these 11 or so seconds, and after almost a month of Skype meetings and emails flying frantically back and forth between Bogotá and Stockholm he brilliantly managed to deliver a gorgeous sample of what the whole project is about.

My Swedish pal had to find an almost pictorial, silent film look, yet aiming at the same time for a realistic approach in the interactions between the real actor and his c.g environment. All of this while tackling with the inherent difficulties of handling over a 100 passes rendered in Splutterfish Brazil (an old render engine from 2005) just for the sake of “artistic experimentation'”.

My most sincere hat tip to you Johan. You pulled it off.

You can visit Johan Alfort’s amazing portfolio clicking here.

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