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Benjamin Piñeros – Servicios Públicos, a sci-fi short film


Benjamin Piñeros

Filmmaker and 3D Artist. Feel free to stalk me on Twitter @iampineros

Costume design: The city dwellers

Costume design: The city dwellers

Costume design in Servicios Públicos was an enormous undertaking for such an inexperienced crew like ours. We had the huge challenge of designing and creating garments for 25 extras for under $800 dollars. Money was scarce, coffee was strong. How on Earth were we going to pull off a black & white Blade Runner with so little money?Read More »
Creating a digital city

Creating a digital city

Digital tools give us the possibility of building our sets inside a computer at a fraction of the cost it would take to construct them in traditional ways. Additionally, working digitally allows us the freedom of placing each lamp light, brick and window exactly where we want them to be, in a very similar way to how a writer plays with words.Read More »
Our first TV Interview

Our first TV Interview

We didn't know how the Sony Cinealta was going to handle the blue screen, and I was clueless about how to block the scenes in that huge blue sea with very little physical reference. So we made many cinematography tests before our definitive HD shoot in order to lock a lighting scheme and have every single shot nailed and rehearsed. Read More »
Shooting on bluescreen

Shooting on bluescreen

The main goal on this project was to make the most stunning film for as little money and small crew as possible. When we won the grant, all of the sudden, that possibility was real. The $10.000 that the Government gave us was not a whole lot of money, but was indeed much more than the initial $300 budget we used for our first tests.Read More »

Tweets by Benjamin

  • Why don't conservatives ignore abortion the same way they ignore school shootings?
  • Just a friendly reminder... your taxes pay cops to protect the property of those who don't pay taxes.
  • "In another exchange, the AI was able to change Lemoine’s mind about Isaac Asimov’s third law of robotics." WTF?!! https://t.co/CpwO4Kmzaf


Benjamin Piñeros was born in 1978 in Bogotá, Colombia but lived his entire childhood in NYC.

Fed up with working in the advertising world, one good day he threw everything to hell and decided to make a film on his personal computer. Now he has a huge credit card debt, no girlfriend and no income. Well, at least he has this blog...

He's a self taught filmmaker and 3D artist in love with all good sounds from Bach to David Bowie. He writes first drafts on paper, hates smartphones and wants to learn to play guitar someday. You can contact him on Twitter for multi-million dollar screenplay deals, indecent proposals or if you just want to have a nice chat about movies.